The WISE Conference 2020 Guest Speaker



After realizing that she knew 4 families (only 1 degree away) whose suburban daughters had been groomed… Jennifer Hohman teamed up John Clark, to create a groundswell and community uprising.

Together they have presented to 55,000+ people in person and many more online. They are now advocating to change laws and create awareness. Together they work on proposing state legislature and getting in front of every Houston area parent and big industry to wake them up.

The intentions with their efforts and awareness around domestic children being recruited and coerced, will also advocate for and help, the many survivors that live in the Houston metroplex area who are underrepresented, homeless and foreign born.

Jennifer Hohman is a wife, mom and native Houstonian who is the Chief Information Officer of Seadrill, a large offshore drilling company. She has been known to organize community events and charitable functions until one day when sex trafficking got too close to home. In her words, “It woke me the hell up to one of the most complex epidemics my city has ever seen!”. To quickly get up to speed she and John Clark started collaborating with 30+ anti sex trafficking nonprofit leaders in the Houston area to understand the services, gaps and areas that needed strengthening, thus was formed, the Houston Area Against Trafficking Initiative (HAAT) which meets at her house every month.

1. Gap – Emergency Assessment Centers (minors and adults)
2. Increase Service Capacity – Long Term Aftercare/ Residential Treatment Centers (minors and adults)
3. Increase Service Capacity – Outreach and Intervention

She is now trying to wake a sleeping giant, her community, and is a community leader and advocate for victims and survivors determined to create massive awareness regarding prevention, intervention, and recovery via community uprising and corporate involvement. To do so, a group of the top 20% of influential Houston leaders are coming together to get behind this movement, they are The Houston 20!

In order to engage the corporate community, Jennifer and other business colleagues created the Oil and Gas Trafficking Advocacy (OGTAG) group to collaborate on ideas and initiatives to mobilize the energy industry to join the fight against sex trafficking.

Jennifer resides in Memorial with her husband, two boys and two dogs. She serves on the boards of Elijah Rising and Hope Rising.